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First EG photo: Maggie Sansone, Jim Brooks, Jonathon Stone, Marcia Diehl, & Carolyn Surrick

Maggie Sansone, Marcia Diehl, Jim Brooks, Carolyn Surrick, & Jonathon Stone

Maggie Sansone, Sue Richards, Marcia Diehl, Bonnie Rideout, Carolyn Surrick, & Jim Brooks

Maggie Sansone, Jim Brooks, Marcia Diehl, Sue Richards, & Carolyn Surrick

Nancy Karpeles, Sue Richards, Sarah Weiner, Marcia Diehl, Carolyn Surrick, & Erin Shrader (Photo by Celia Pearson)

Nancy Karpeles, Marcia Diehl, Howard Bass, Sue Richards, David Abe, & Carolyn Surrick

Maggie Sansone, Carolyn Surrick, Jim Brooks, Sue Richards, & Marcia Diehl (Photo by Celia Pearson)

Carolyn Surrick, Sue Richards, Marcia Diehl, Erin Shrader, Sarah Weiner, & Nancy Karpeles (Photo by Irene Young)

Nancy Karpeles, Debbie Nuse, Sarah Weiner, Laura Risk, Sue Richards, & Carolyn Surrick at the Great Hall at St John's College, Annapolis, MD

Liz Knowles, Sue Richards, Sarah Weiner, Nancy Karpeles, Debbie Nuse, & Carolyn Surrick (Photo by Irene Young)

Carolyn Surrick, Sue Richards, Nancy Karpeles, Debbie Nuse, Liz Knowles, & Sarah Weiner (Photo by Burgess Blevins)

Nancy Karpeles, Sue Richards, Carolyn Surrick, Sarah Weiner, Liz Knowles, & Debbie Nuse

Nancy Karpeles, Carolyn Surrick, Debbie Nuse, Sarah Weiner, & Sue Richards in Hawaii

Nancy Karpeles, Sarah Weiner, Debbie Nuse, Liz Knowles, Sue Richards & Carolyn Surrick

Carolyn Surrick, Debbie Nuse, Liz Knowles, Sarah Weiner & Sue Richards (photo by Irene Young)

Jan Hagiwara, Carolyn Surrick, Sue Richards, Liz Knowles, Debbie Nuse, & Sarah Weiner (Photo by Irene Young)

Sarah Weiner, Sue Richards, Jan Hagiwara, Debbie Nuse, Liz Knowles, & Carolyn Surrick in Hawaii

Liz Knowles and Debbie Nuse

Carolyn Surrick, Liz Knowles, Sue Richards, Debbie Nuse, and Kathryn Montoya (by Burgess Blevins)

Kathryn Montoya, Debbie Nuse, Sue Richards, Liz Knowles, & Carolyn Surrick

Hanneke Cassel , Carolyn Surrick, Sue Richards, Allison Edberg, and Kathryn Montoya (Photo by Burgess Blevins)

Hanneke Cassel, Jackie Moran, Kathryn Montoya, Ryan McKasson, Neal Conan, Sue Richards, Carolyn Surrick & Lily Knight

Performing "A Universe of Dreams" with photos from the Hubble telescope

Performing "A Universe of Dreams" with photos from the Hubble telescope

Sue Richards, Carolyn Surrick, Jackie Moran, Hanneke Cassel, Neal Conan, and Brian Doser

At Three Stages Theater in Folsom, CA. Jackie Moran, Sue Richards, Hanneke Cassel, Isaac Alderson, Lily Knight, Carolyn Surrick, Bill Pullman, Brian Doser, and Ryan McKasson

At Ed's No Name Bar in Winona, MN. Jackie Moran, Ryan McKasson, Shannon Heaton, and Sue Richards

Adrian LaTourelle, Lily Knight, Bob Berky, Shannon Heaton, Ryan Mckasson, and Sue Richards in Pinedale, Wyoming

In Pinedale, Wyoming

Isaac Alderson, Jackie Moran, Carolyn Surrick, Ryan McKasson, Sue Richards & Hanneke Cassel

From the premiere of "First Person: Seeing America" at the Metropolitan Museum of Art with Neal Conan, James Hanrahan, Brian Doser, Carolyn Surrick, Ryan McKasson, Sue Richards, Jackie Moran, Kathryn Montoya, and Hanneke Cassel

Jackie Moran, Sue Richards, Ryan McKasson & Carolyn Surrick (Photo by Burgess Blevins)

At the V.A. in Los Angeles, CA. Isaac Alderson, Carolyn Surrick, Jackie Moran, Ryan McKasson & Sue Richards

At the V.A. in Helena, MT. Kathleen Keane, Sue Richards, Liz Carroll, Jackie Moran, & Ginger Hildebrand

Sue Richards, Ryan McKasson, Ginger Hildebrand, Jackie Moran & Carolyn Surrick

Concert in White Rock, BC, Canada

Jackie Moran, Carolyn Surrick, Sue Richards, Ginger Hildebrand, & Ryan McKasson

Hanneke Cassel, Lily Knight, Sue Richards & Carolyn Surrick

Sue Richards, Ryan McKasson, Jackie Moran & Carolyn Surrick

Sue Richards, Jackie Moran, Ryan McKasson, Isaac Alderson, Kathryn Montoya, and Carolyn Surrick

Carolyn Surrick, Ryan McKasson, Jackie Moran, and Sue Richards (photo by Burgess Blevins)

  1. Iris Ensemble Galilei from "From Whence We Came" 3:11
  2. Away in the Manger (Flow Gently, Sweet Afton) / Polonessa Spoof Ensemble Galilei from "Surrounded by Angels" 5:05
  3. Monday Morning Reel - O'Neill's March (Arr. for Chamber Ensemble) Ensemble Galilei from "A Change of Worlds" 4:55
  4. Suki's Waltz Ensemble Galilei from "From the Edge of the World" 4:29
  5. Ductia/La Ultime Estampie Real/Saltarello Ensemble Galilei from "Alta" 6:42
  6. O Come, O Come, Emmanuel - What Child Is This Ensemble Galilei from "A Winter's Night: Christmas in the Great Hall" 4:51
  7. Sgt. Early's Dream / Tune For Kieran Ensemble Galilei from "From the Isles to the Courts" 5:33
  8. Come, Gentle Night Ensemble Galilei from "Come, Gentle Night" 3:37
  9. Sibylla and Agatha Ensemble Galilei from "The Mystic and the Muse" 3:16
  10. The Dark Island - Come by the Hills - My Home Ensemble Galilei from "Following the Moon" 5:18
  11. Hoboekentanz / Schafertanz Ensemble Galilei and Maggie Sansone from "Ancient Noels" 6:01
  12. The Galician Waltz / Breton Dances Ensemble Galilei from "Music in the Great Hall" 5:04
  13. Les Souvenirs Et Les Regrets Ann Mayo Muir and Ensemble Galilei from "Notes From Across the Sea' 2:59
  14. Lament For Terrence McDonough / Dream Of The Wanderer / Castle Kelly Trio Galilei from "Above and Beyond" 10:02
  15. The Wayfaring Stranger Trio Galilei from "Home" 2:16